sunnuntai 20. tammikuuta 2019

Lauantai-illan keltaiset fragmentit

 Joonaksen työhuoneella tapahtunutta: 

Kuvissa keltaisia fragmentteja.

After the New Era

 Saying it all out loud when you've got absolutely nothing left to say.

Sticking to the method by turning materials into dark matter.
Finding the meaning and purpose only to lose it again.
Studying any topic by beating it up with a sophisticated yet steely hammer.
(in Finnish: “hutkien tutkiva taide”).

One day looking around. Seeing all the remains and the floating stars (and Mars bars). 
Stains on the structures, within the structures,

and stains yet to be born. 

Doubting oneself, doubting the others.
Trying to check the time
and all that bothers.
Trying to go outdoors,
staying indoors.
Now something must be done,
built, solved, unpuzzled,
and puzzled again,
to enable breathing and carrying on,
to see what has been done 
and what has been worn and what has been torn apart.
A cosmic yet earthy, melancholic yet agitated fart.
Everybody living the same loop
confused and angry, throwing away the dirt,
and melting into Dr. Pepper.
Calculating, suffocating, masturbating on the threshold of a new era.
Travelling into the space womb,
riding a bomb
that says boom
and looking for a mirror and a comb
and this kind of rhyming shit
is taking place
After the new era

-Joonas Jokiranta-

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